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Appro Unity is a procurement and sourcing company based in Langueux France. The company was created in the 4th quarter of 2018 and kicked off operations in February 2019. It was created by two classmates from Rennes School of Business France.


It has a branch in Nigeria which was registered in February 2019. The company provides unified sourcing, procurement, business, and supply chain services in the agriculture sector with a focus on Europe and Nigeria.


The company aims to promote and contribute to the development of the agricultural industry in Nigeria by focusing on three aspects of development. These aspects include; Economic, Social, and Environmental.


According to recent studies, most of the poorest people in the world live in Africa. Recently, Nigeria became the poverty capital of the world. Interestingly, most of these poor people are farmers; as farming is the main occupation of people who live in villages and is carried out on a small scale by individual families.


The goal of Appro Unity is to help the farmers earn better profits and better living, by providing them access to the market in Europe, through an improved supply chain and procurement process, which gives buyers in Europe direct access to these farmers and their products.


Appro Unity will work to promote Fairtrade by ensuring farmers receive fair prices for their produce. Also, the company will promote cooperation between Nigerian farmers and farmers in Europe through exchange programs, training, and agriculture fairs. That improves the social welfare of the farmers and their families.


Appro Unity will promote educational exchange on sustainable farming and new farming techniques and technologies between agriculture and horticulture institutes in Europe and Institutes in Nigeria to reduce waste, environmental damage and address the challenges of deforestation.


Appro Unity provides value-adding services for businesses and buyers of agricultural produce in Europe. Also, we provide farmers in Nigeria, access to the market in Europe. We support the development and enhancement of farming in Nigeria by providing access to modern techniques, equipment and training, through strategic partnerships with agriculture institutions, industry experts, and increased cooperation between farmers in Europe, and farmers in Nigeria.